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I Heart Faces “Nostalgia” Photo Challenge!

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This could not have been a better week for me!  When I logged on to I Heart Faces last night and saw this week’s challenge, it gave me chills, literally.  I knew that I had the perfect picture.  I took  my little girl to my grandmothers for the day this past Saturday.  She is just now old enough to run around in the yard, climb on things by herself, etc.  When I was little, my grandfather “Dada”, who is now deceased (Jan 09) used to ride us grand children in his wheel barrow all over his garden and around his property.  When I let Olivia down out of my arms in the back yard, the 1st thing she did was run up to the wheel barrow (which i swear has been sitting in the same place for 25 years) and wanted to get in it.  Rusty, cracked, and all, I put her in it.  My mother didn’t want me to, but i wanted my daughter to sit in the same wheelbarrow that i used to when i was little.  It made me so proud and brought tears to my eyes.  If only her “Dada” could see her in that old wheelbarrow!  What blew my mind is the old chain that was still in it.  We used to play with that all the time and we would get scolded b/c my Dada thought that we would hurt ourselves with it!  Anywho, I hope that everyone else who enters this contest has a meaningful and heartfelt reflection on their past as I did.  Good Luck everyone!

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Jennifer - August 27, 2009 - 11:47 am

Great photo. What a sweet story!

Aunt Janie - August 29, 2009 - 3:01 am

Jessica! Your website and especially this story about Olivia and Daddy’s wheelbarrow is terrific! I am just now finding out that you’ve a website – way to go girl!
Love to you. Aunt Janie

Pat Tanner - August 30, 2009 - 10:51 pm

Beautiful story told and shown with love! DaDa would be proud. She truly loves the outdoors and I love her.
Gramme Pat