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In my experience with twin newborns, most are born early.  Let’s face it.  Mom just can’t carry that many babies to full term the majority of the time.  However, with that being said, I had no idea how special these two little babies where until I heard the full story when mom came into the studio.  At the session, I realized that these babies were 12 weeks old…let me say that again… 12 WEEKS OLD!  Little Mandy weighed in at only 5 lbs!  How tiny!  I was very honored to be chosen to capture this moment of their life for mom and dad.


Here is their story…


“When Rob and I were dating, we talked about everything we wanted in life, including a house full of children. After 4 years of trying without success, we explored all our options and decided to try Invitro Fertilization or IVF. We were blessed on our first attempt to be pregnant with not one but two babies. It was a very difficult pregnancy, with several admissions to the hospital for dehydration from vomiting.  All of our ultrasounds looked good, and at 18 weeks, we discovered we were having a boy and a girl. We were ecstatic. But then at 25 weeks, the girl measured small and I was placed on bed rest. At 28 weeks, she still remained very small and was diagnosed with Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR), so I was placed in the hospital for further observation.  At that point, we had ultrasounds everyday, and everyday they decided whether I would stay pregnant one more day. On May 30th, at 31 weeks, it was decided that we needed to deliver. Our little girl was named after my sister and my husband’s grandmother.  Amanda “Mandy” Gray weighed 1lb 12oz. Our little boy was named after my father and grandfathers and my husband and his father. William “Will” Robert weighed 3lb 7oz. There were so many scary moments over the next 9 1/2 weeks. We truly believe that the only thing that got us through was the prayers of our friends and families. One day before their due date, August 2nd, they came home. Now at 12 weeks old, Mandy weighs 5lb 7oz and Will weighs 7lb 7oz. Both are healthy and perfect in every way.”

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